Octavia | Snake Earrings

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Our victorian snake inspired cast brass earrings are just the gift for new beginnigns. These statement earrings are generous in size, but lightweight enough to wear all day. A shiny finish that catches the light, these earrings are sure to elevate any outfit.

Universally the snake is the symbol of new beginnings - physically representing shedding an old version of ones self and rebirth. The Snake is valued as a talisman of rejuvenation. In order to grow, it must shed its skin. This is the journey of becoming comfortable with who you are deep down inside. Some things get left behind such as how a snake sheds its skin, new ideas are embraced.

  • Cast textured brass 
  • Sterling silver ear post
  • 1.5" in length
  • Light weight


Over the past several millennia, the snake has been used to represent many things: both good and evil, as well as fertility, passion, and rebirth. The Victorians employed the image of the snake as a symbol of everlasting love. Serpentine jewelry was at the height of its popularity in the mid 1800s and still holds its place in our hearts and in our collections.

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