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May 18th & 19th



Embroidery + Sip

May 30th

Join Mindful Meets for a chill, creative evening stitching and sipping kombucha at Cival Collective. This casual embroidery workshop is sober-friendly, featuring a selection of tasty AF kombucha from RMBR!




Show will conclude on April 25th

Lake Michigan has always been the best part of living in Milwaukee for Lindsay. Having the balance of city living with walks along the shore, seeking bits of glass, or feeling the waves kiss - is a gift, a refuge.  Being able to share that with her children and foster a love for the beach is treasured just as much.  Since becoming a mother in 2018 Lindsay has shifted her art focus from painting and drawing to making 3-dimensional hanging sculptures. 

“I was interested in finding time to be in nature, using found objects, and working 3-dimensionally.  Sitting alone in the studio was just killing me.  I wanted a practice that fit into my life as a parent.”  

The collected objects, suspended in space, transform into a sort of living line drawing.  They reflect her love of drawing where serpentine line work was relished and bring continuity throughout her work.  The mobiles ask you to consider the challenges of space, balance, and movement while also offering a place to slow down and reflect.


Craft a Sweeper (SOLD OUT)

 Make A Broom Workshop with FAMILIAR at CIVAL Collective in Walkers point, Milwaukee. This  is a two day workshop! Saturday and Sunday 4/27-4/28 starting at 10am (until we finish!)

In this introductory broom-making class, Rachael Gonzalez of FAMILIAR will walk you through how to craft your very own broom- while discussing the history, lore and care of old-fashioned kitchen brooms. Come learn a new skill in a relaxed, fun craft circle!