Cable Link Chain Bracelet
Stone Rolo BraceletStone Rolo Bracelet
Circle Chain BraceletCircle Chain Bracelet
Circle Chain Kyanite BraceletCircle Chain Kyanite Bracelet
7 Strand Bracelet7 Strand Bracelet
Lauren Bangle | Sterling Silvera 5mm thick sterling silver bangle on a model's wrist
Ilya Bracelet thick vintage snake chain bracelet finished with a magnetic clasp
Lauren Bangle | Solid Cast Brassa 7mm thick tear drop brass bangle
colored leather braceletleather wrap bracelet
Close up of "Aime" leather bracelet in gunmetal metallic gray with magnetic clasp.Model's wrist wearing CIVAL Collective's mahogany leather "Aime" bracelet with magnetic clasp and layered with a textured brass bangle.
Model's wrist wearing a watch and a collection of CIVAL Collective brass layering bracelets including a red leather with brass bar "Aida" bracelet.Six "Aida" leather & brass bar bracelets with magnetic clasps in various colors and displayed standing upright on metal beam..
Model's arm layered with 5 different leather & fabric bracelets designed and made by Cival Collective.Close up of the "Mica" shimmer woven fabric & leather bracelet with magnetic clasp made by Cival Collective.
Close up of model's arm wearing CIVAL Collective's "Ace" wide black Italian leather bracelet with brass magnetic clasp.Wide 10mm leather bracelet in black Italian leather and closed with a mechanically inset magnetic clasp.
Model wearing black leather 10mm wide double wrap bracelet on wrist with other leather bracelets all made by CIVAL Collective.Detail close up of wide, tan 10mm leather double wrap bracelet with magnetic clasp.

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