Empress Moth Pocket Knifepocket knife shaped as a moth, with dark patina
Prudence Knife NecklaceSecret stabber knife necklace pictured on a model at Cival Collective
Harriet Pocket KnifeDouble bladed solid brass pocket knife, with nail file
Deacon Pocket Knifesilver pocket knife with engraved masonry images
Marley Pocket KnifeDouble pocket knife with multicolored inlay on handle
Tamar Pocket KnifeTamar Pocket Knife
Amina Pocket KnifeOpen toothpick stainless steel pocket knife with mother of pearl and onyx inlay handle. 5 inches long with brass bolsters.
Aliza Necklacethree brass plated knives with  grey mother of pearl, white mother of pearl and abalone inlay bodies on brass chains

Aliza Necklace

From $38
Harlow NecklaceThree knife necklaces designed at Cival Collective, a Jewelry Store in Milwaukee

Harlow Necklace

From $42

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