Joey | CIVAL Originals | 14k 1.5ct Moissanite Ring

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A classic unconventional engagement ring set east west in 14k yellow gold. Designed for durability and comfort Jolene is an Cival exclusive in-house design, and destined to become your new family treasure with its one-of-a-kind octagon design. This unique stone is set in a low-profile mount, which is designed for comfort and durability. 

The center stone is a custom cut light gray Moissanite designed exclusively with this piece in mind. A mesmerizing step-cut faceted ring creates a captivating play of light, accentuating the clarity and natural beauty of the stone, making this a truly extraordinary piece. This distinctive design  highlights its exceptional clarity and symmetry and also creates a breathtaking display of brilliance that stands out from other traditional designs.

Designed in house by Rae Frye and Nina Palacio.

Allow 6-8 weeks for other sizes for the custom stone cutting necessary for this setting.

Materials & Details
  • Stone Size 1.5ct
  • Shape: Custom cut elongated step cut octagon
  • Color: Light Gray
  • Moissanite 9.25/10 Gemstone Hardness
  • 14k solid gold setting
  • Ready to ship in size 6.5 or view in store

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