Due to high demand, we currently have a waitlist for future projects.  Please fill out the questionnaire & inquire anyway! We will contact you to get you added to our calendar. Thank you so much! We appreciate your future business.

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After we receive your questionnaire, you’ll be added to our waitlist. Soon after, you’ll be scheduled to meet with our experienced fine jewelry designer, Nina, for a free consultation! In this meeting, you’ll discuss your ideas, style, materials, and budget in finer detail.

From the consultation comes inspiration and design that begin to breathe life into your custom piece. Cival offers an array of gorgeous hand-selected stones to choose from, we also enjoy working with family heirlooms, antique jewelry, or hunting for the stone of your dreams through our associates.

Through our jewelry rendering service, the initial concepts are used to create a photo realistic image using CAD- Computer-Aided Design. This image will be presented to you for alterations, making sure it meets every expectation before moving forward.

After the CAD design is finalized and approved, your design goes into production! From here, your jewelry is 3D printed, cast, refined and set by hand. Metal smiths will handcraft the physical version - polishing, adding texture, and finer details. It is then handed off to the master gem-setter, who sets each stone with quality and care.

As a final step, we inspect the piece ourselves, making sure it is constructed to perfection before presenting you with the custom designed jewelry you only ever dreamed of.

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