Hello and welcome to your custom design work questionnaire!

A couple helpful notes: 
  • Custom comes in all shapes and sizes, so don’t let our example pricing scare you off! Our fully custom engagement rings typically start at $2,500, wedding bands at $1700 and heirloom revival projects at $1200. Out of your price range? Fill this baby out anyway! We work miracles and have more tricks up our witchy sleeves than you might think.
  • What the heck do we mean when we say “heirloom” – In the jewelry world, heirloom defines a valuable object belonging to a family for several generations. Here at Cival, we often use the term heirloom do describe *any* piece of personal jewelry you would like incorporated into your custom design.

This little cutie ensures your place in line, so fill it out the best you can and get it back quick!