Mica Bracelet

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Silver and gold woven shimmer bracelet made with soft Italian textile and leather. These minimalist bracelets are perfect for every occasion and make great gifts. They are made for easy wear, a comfortable fit and hassle free attachment.

  • Metallic woven fabric with leather backing
  • Mechanically Inset Brass Magnetic Clasp (manufactured in Spain)*
Details & Measurements
  • For a comfortable fit we recommend adding 1/2"-1" to your exact wrist measurement. If you are ordering this as a gift, the average women's wrist size would be a S or M, and men's would be a L or XL.
  • Bracelets are water resistant but not water proof.  They last longer if not submerged or frequently exposed to water.
  • Fair Trade Materials / Crafted in the US
*Our magnetic clasps are mechanically inset and have interlocking teeth which aid in keeping your piece fastened securely on your wrist and make it easy to take on and off.

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