These are not guidelines, but RULES and REGULATIONS set in place to keep our customers and staff safe and healthy. Please note that these rules are subject to change at any time.

Masks are still required while shopping, for both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. They must be worn properly, covering both mouth and nose. If you do not have a mask, we have disposables available at the door, but we'd really appreciate you bringing your own! Masks may not be removed at any point of time. Our staff will be heavily enforcing this.

We have a hand sanitizer station at the door for mandatory use upon entry.

Please respect social distancing.

Grab a tray! While we ask that you limit touching items, and we'd like you to put anything you touch or try on in your tray. Even if you don’t plan on buying it. These trays will be put into quarantine for at least 72 hours before being put back out on the floor. This will not only ensure the safety of our staff and customers, but also preserve the quality of the jewelry.

No food or drink allowed in the store.

Please supervise your children.

If you have symptoms of COVID-19 or have been exposed to someone who has COVID-19, please keep everyone safe and refrain from visiting. You assume the increased risk of COVID-19 by being in our store.


Our staff will always wear masks and pass daily health screenings before their shifts as we are adhering to the City of Milwaukee’s guidelines.

Our staff has received training on new enhanced health and safety measures. We have also established mandatory testing, hand washing and sanitizing procedures. These procedures will be enforced with all our staff and customers alike. Common areas, and surfaces will be cleaned thoroughly, and we assure all surfaces, and anything exposed will be carefully cleaned before, during and after your visit.

We apologize for any inconvenience these new rules and regulations may have caused and want to thank you for your patience.

**Updated November 2021**