Love Magic Candle | Species by the ThousandsCandle in amber jar, labeled love magic candle
Spiced Balsam Citronella Candle | Urban Wax Refinery
Papier d’Arménie | Incense Burning Papersincense burning paper, green colored label reading "papier d'armenie"
Ying Yang Incense Burnerblack and white Soapstone yin and yang incense holder, can hold two incense sticks at a time.
Ner Mitzvah Tapered Candle Settall skinny candles in white and black, set in amber colored candle sticks
Image of candle and tube container on dark wood counter, labeled "amber and moss no. 5" by cord + Iron small batch soy candle
Brass Incense Stick Holders | Mashallahbrass holder for insence sticks, Cone Dimensions: 2.2 x 22 x 17mm Dome Dimensions: 1.7 x 11 x 17mm Cylinder Dimensions: 17 x 17 mm Material: Brass
Mushy Boys | Mushroom Crystalmushroom shaped opalite totem
Classic Ceramic Incense HolderImage of three  round 4" incense burners, variety of black, light pink, and white.
Leopard Kitchen Towel | The Rise and FallLeopard print cotton kitchen towel
Cannabis & Amber Resin CandleImage of lit candle on dark wood table top. Dark amber glass jar with screw lid. Scented Cannabis and Amber Resin
Alder Incense Bricks | American Heritage Brandsimage of tin container on white background. Product labeled "american Heritage Alder incense bricks" in white on brick colored label
Mesa Rain Incense Sticks | 19 Candles
close up of camp wildwood incense sticks, scented formula 11
Apothecary Fireplace Matches120, 10 inch fireplace matches in 12 inch cylinder container with wood lid.
Apothecary Matches | Small4" high x 2" Wide Jar 65 matchsticks at 3" tall Cork top Vintage style label with striker

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