Piper NecklaceThree brass canister necklaces designed at Cival Collective, a jewelry store in Milwaukee WI

Piper Necklace

From $42
Phoebe NecklacePhoebe Necklace

Phoebe Necklace

From $28
Simone NecklaceSimone Necklace

Simone Necklace

From $40
Hazel NecklaceA solid brass suspension necklace with a blue kyanite center stone. Designed at Cival Collective, a jewelry store in Milwaukee, WI.
Andy Necklacewhite moonstone cast brass pendant necklace on a woman's neck

Andy Necklace

From $48
Mara NecklaceMara Necklace

Mara Necklace

From $35
CIVAL Collective model in white sweater wearing long "Lydia" bright brass arc necklace on rolo chain.Large bright brass curved tube necklace on rolo chain and displayed on dark wood.
Lou Locket NecklaceMini round brass locket necklace from Cival Collective, Milwaukee.
Model wearing handmade brass jewelry by designers Cival Collective.Delicate brass necklace handmade by jewelry designers, Cival Collective.
CIVAL Collective's "Vie" rosary style necklace on model that is 24 inches long and has a 2 inch drop with little brass locket at the end.Rosary style "Vie" necklace on satellite chain with a 2 inch drop and small brass locket at the end.

Vie Necklace

From $38
Lucy NecklaceThe Lucy Necklace, a faceted brass crystal necklace pictured on a model at Cival Collective. A jewelry store and studio in Milwaukee WI
Sam NecklaceLarge Brass Locket Necklace featured on a model at Cival Collective, Milwaukee WI

Sam Necklace

From $38
Marceline Necklace | BrassBrass cast knife necklace from Cival Collective, a jewelry store in Milwaukee WI
Reed Necklace | EngravableEngravable reed necklace shown on model,  cast brass designed by cival collective
Charlie NecklaceUnique pearl necklace made by jewelry designer at Cival Collective.
Valeriya NecklaceValeriya Necklace

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