Ouroboros Ring

Color: Bronze

The ouroboros - the serpent eating its own tail - speaks to the cyclic nature of the universe that creation begins after destruction, and life springs forth from death. It is humanity's never ending story, and our place within it. A powerful symbol of endless return, the ouroboros gives us all hope. Carry this powerful talisman ring in your jewelry collection as a reminder that life is a never ending story.

Materials & Details

  • Sizes 5 to 9 available
  • Sterling Silver or Natural Bronze
  • Artisan made in Indonesia

    History of the Serpent

    Snake imagery is found in jewelry dating back to ancient times. Totally unconnected civilizations, separated by the vast barriers, have discovered the intrinsic beauty of this form. In Meso-American cultures, the serpent was regarded as a portal between two worlds. The Aboriginal people worship a huge python who created the landscape and embodies the spirit of fresh water. Embrace the symbolism of this powerful creature by wearing this beautiful ring.

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