Adjustable Gold Fill Midi Ring

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Our 14k yellow gold fill stacking ring is a darling addition to your every day collection. The perfect piece on its own or layered with stacks of other ring to create a customized layered look . Handmade in our retail store and studio with heavy 3mm 1/2 round wire. Designed to be adjustable for easily fitting your first knuckle or pinky, with soft edged for comfort. 

Materials & Details
  • Your Choice of Sizes
  • Gold Fill
  • Artisan made in the US

*Goldfilled products are made with 20% gold that is bonded with heat over sterling silver, somewhat like powder coating. This process is more durable than the traditional hydroelectric plating process and so ensures the longevity of your piece.This product is made for continuous wear, will not tarnish, and is a much higher quality than plating. Gold fill products will last a lifetime instead of a few months.

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