CIVAL Collective




Cast geometric quartz, Dalmatian jasper or tourminalated quartz caged necklace. Stones will vary slightly due to the natural properties of the stone. Three cage size options depending on your mineral selection. 

• Cast brass cage
• Clear quartz crystal cage 40mmx20mm or 1.25x.75 inches
• Tourmalinated quartz cage 30mmx15mm or 1x.75 inches
• Dalamation Jasper 15mmx15mm or .75x.75 inches 
• Highest quality soldered-link brass chain — manufactured in the UK 

• Choose your length (22” or 30") 
• Sample in image measures 30" and hits below the bust
• Necklaces over 30" will be made as a slip-over design, shorter lengths will be finished with a clasp and a simple ring.

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