Victorian Fob Necklace


This necklace features a beautiful watch fob from the 1870's on 17" gold fill chain. 

A fob is a vest pocket in a gentleman's outfit. Often a fob held a pocket watch which was swung from a chain, attached to the vest pocket on the opposite side of the vest. These fob chains often had small pendants – as seals – and these pendants themselves became known as fobs.

Developed around the 1770s, fobs were worn by both men and women, attached at the waist or to a belt originally. Their popularity continued throughout the 19th century but gradually became more associated with male attire.

For our Cival Antiques collection, we've repurposed elements of Victorian and Edwardian watch fobs to create timeless necklaces on beautiful gold fill chain. 

  • 17" gold fill chain
  • Antique gold fill watch fob

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