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Speckled Pencils from U Brands


At U Brands we found a way to develop stylish yet sustainable writing instruments. Check out U ECO – a line of better looking, better performing writing instruments that are better for the environment. By using renewable and reclaimed wheat-straw we reduce the amount of plastic in every pen, lowering our carbon footprint and reducing plastic waste. The speckled hex mechanical pencil set includes 3 pieces of strong lead in each to get you set up to write down those big ideas. Each pencil features a high-quality eraser, pen clip, and a medium (0.7 mm) point tip for precision writing.


About U Brands

U Brands is a California based company obsessed with bringing design, innovation, and productivity together. We know that people don’t just work from the office anymore, sometimes its the kitchen table or even that coffee shop with the really good lattes, and we need tools that will help keep us inspired anywhere our work takes us. We are driven to creating those tools, making useful products that are versatile and elegant. We call ourselves a stationery company, but at our core we are a company of designers, innovators, and trendsetters — a team of individuals who have great respect for the process, leaving no detail un-turned. We are passionate about providing unique, well-designed products that will help you feel inspired.

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