Alder Incense Bricks | American Heritage Brands

Materials & Details:
  • Notes: soft, woody, balsamic, accents of hazelnut.
  • Directions: Hold the brick over a flame until the brick burns by itself. After the brick has stopped flaming, gently blow on the ember. Place the brick in the center of lid unlit side down. 
  • Includes 20 incense bricks.
  • Made in United States of America

About American Heritage Brands

"We believe there’s something special about the outdoors. It’s not just the quiet atmosphere, but it’s who we become in these places. We have everything we need. Simplicity restores us. Our scents are derived from the moments when we feel this connection — to the world, to nature, and to each other. It’s a scent of pine, a grain of sand, laughing around a fire, or staying completely still." - American Heritage Brands

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