1960's 10k Nephrite Jade Ring | Sz 6


Vintage, mod and dare we say a little modern? This 60's piece sports a dark green Nephrite Jade Cabochon set in 10k yellow gold. Similar to its sister stone Jadeite - Nephrite Jade is equally tough and resistant to wear, often found to be even stronger, making it more suitable for carving and a favorite in vintage jewelry. Usually darker in color than Jadeite, Nephrite tends to have a more fibrous texture, rivaling Jadeite's compact interlocking crystal structure.

  • Circa 1960's
  • Size 6
  • 10k yellow gold
  • Nephrite Jade
  • Most rings can be resized at an additional cost

Nephrite Jade is said to help find inner peace and harmony. This form of jade is also known to wield powerful protection against negative energy, accidents, injuries and even curses!

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