CIVAL Collective

190 Proof


A sanitizer spray for everything.

Made right here in our studio, we use food grade alcohol & antimicrobial essential oil blends that are safe for you & your body. We believe sanitizer should be effective, not poisonous, beautifully scented and hydrating.

Perfect for your purse, backpack, car, or coat pocket!

body | masks | hands | surfaces

non gmo | made from corn | gluten free



Warm & Cozy : non GMO grain alcohol from corn | lemon | clove | eucalyptus | cinnamon | rosemary | rose hydrosol | argan oil | water - Citrine shaker for positivity and blending.

Dark & Earthy: non GMO grain alcohol from corn | rose absolute | cedarwood | frankincense | benzoin | amber rose | rose hydrosol | argan oil | water - Moonstone shaker to blend and calm.


active ingredient | 85% non GMO grain alcohol

purpose | antiseptic

uses | to help reduce bacteria on skin

warning | for external use only | flammable | keep away from children. Avoid contact with eyes, if eye contact occurs, rinse with water.

directions | Shake before use. Apply liberally to surface and let sit for 20 seconds. Wipe surface or rub hands together until dry. 

other | do not store above 104º F


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