10k Gold White Moissanite Ring | Sz 6.5 | A001


Vintage engagement ring 1960s 10k gold 4mm flat band with a 1 carat flawless, white moissanite center stone.


  • 7x9  equivalent to a 1.2 carat moissanite with Grading report.
  • 2.8 gram setting
  • Size 6.5

    Perfect for an engagement ring or anniversary ring. This ring is made with a recycled yellow gold band and set with a white gold head that helps the prongs perfectly blend in. Moissanite's unique chemical structure allows it to have more facets than diamonds, even when cut into the same shape. 

    Interestingly, moissanite is valued by their size, not by carat weight like diamonds. This is because moissanite is much lighter in weight than diamonds, 1 carat of diamonds is equal to 6.5 moissanites.

    Unlike other diamond substitutes that darken and dull over time, Moissanite is atomically as stable as diamond, making it impossible to change color or lose its optical properties over time. In fact, considering that moissanite has a higher heat resistance than diamond, it can be said that it is more atomically stable. So you can choose with confidence that it will shine for a lifetime.

    All rings can be resized upon request. Ring sizing fees typically range from $60-200 depending on how much metal is needed to go up in size.

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