1920's 14k Deco Sapphire & Diamond Ring | Sz 4.5

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14k gold 1920's art deco sapphire and diamond ring.

Choosing an Art Deco ring is like taking a trip back in time to a different place and era. Was the ring you’re considering worn by a stateswoman, or a Hollywood star? 

People have long connected celestial blue sapphires with the planet Venus. By extension, sapphires also represent Friday, the day dedicated to Venus. Springtime also falls under sapphire's symbolic rubric. In differing zodiacal systems, this gemstone covers both Taurus and Gemini.

The Ancient Greeks associated sapphire with Apollo. Petitioners often wore the gem while consulting oracles, such as the one at Delphi. Supposedly, sapphire taps the power of the “third eye” and makes clear oracular pronouncements otherwise too difficult to hear or understand. Necromancers sought this stone for its purported ability to influence spirits.

  • Beautiful art deco design. 
  • Size 5.
  • Only one available!

Most rings can be size adjusted upon request. 

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