Our pieces are designed to withstand the most adventurous lifestyles and are tested by our very own, self proclaimed, hard-wearing, active-woman boss, Rae.  That being said, we still advise you to wear with care.

Most jewelry does not do well exposed to moisture or extreme elements, and long necklaces can catch on door knobs and puppy feet fairly easily! 

Wear with care is our motto and hope you adopt it as well with these lovely pieces. 

Keeping Brass Shiny!

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and will naturally tarnish when exposed to oxygen. Some people like the natural patina of tarnished brass, but if you prefer the bright brass look, you can take steps to maintain its brightness. 

All of our textured brass components and soldered brass pieces are finished with Renaissance wax polish that provides a temporary protective barrier from humidity and tarnishing.

You can polish brass and silver pieces with a jewelry polishing cloth or pad (we offer these for $3 per 5 pack at checkout, or here). Also, storing jewelry in an airtight container like ziplock bag or jewelry box helps, and do not leave your jewelry out in humid areas like the bathroom, as that helps prevent tarnish. We also recommend not wearing your pieces in water.

Caring for Leather Bracelets 

Leather is water resistant but not waterproof. Our bracelets and bolos last longer if not submerged or frequently exposed to water. Care for them like you would a leather coat, purse, or favorite pair of shoes.