18k Gold and Red Tanzanite Domed Ring | Sz 8 | N8


Vintage 18k gold and red tanzanite domed ring. Beautiful dome design, reminiscent of ecclesiastical architecture. Statement piece. 

Tanzanite gemstones are used for numerous purposes. One such purpose is in relation to healing. It’s believed that tanzanite has the ability to stimulate three chakras: the throat, the third eye and the crown. This means that it has the ability to activate psychic ability and facilitate communication with higher spiritual dimensions. These gems are also said to assist with any form of transformation. Many believe that tanzanite gems can help rid one of old patterns and bad behaviors and help them move into a new, more rewarding phase of life. It’s said to enhance healing at several levels, as well as protect caregivers who are assisting with healing.

  • Size 8.
  • Only one available.

Any ring can be adjusted to any size upon request. Ring sizing fees typically range from $60-200 depending on how much metal must be added for going up in sizes. 

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