CIVAL Collective



The perfect mix of form and function, a bartenders new best friend made of solid cast brass or plated rhodium. This piece is the perfect solution for sore fingers or broken nails.

Designed to be worn on your first knuckle on your middle finger, dominant hand for the easiest tab top openings. 

Original design created by our in-house designer Nina Palacio. 

Details and Measurements:

  • Both colors start out as solid cast brass
  • Silver color is a 3x plate rhodium and has been tested for durability.
  • Rings are standard 1/2 sizes measurements but can be adjusted to 1/4 sizes.
  • If you are unsure of your size any local jewelry store offers this service for free. 
  • Brass is hypoallergenic free nickel, lead, and cadmium. 
  • Oxidation on brass and sterling are usual, but easily avoidable if you dry off your rings after coming in contact with water. Clean with a polishing cloth to maintain brightness. 

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