Antique Cameo | Gold FIll Hand Carved Goddess Artemis


Sturdy hand carve cameo of athena give this piece an elegant classic feel.

This Artemis necklace is an authentic hand carved Victorian cameo from the 1860s-1880s depicting the Goddess Artemis also known as Diana in greek mythology. She is the goddess of the hunt, moon, forest, and hills. The protector of women and animals.

She is the twin sister of the sun god Apollo. Artemis is often represented holding her bow or as in this piece and arrow in her hair. 

Materials & Details:

• 30mm Hand Carved Carnelian Cameo is about the size of a quarter.
• 24" E-coat gold over brass heavy rolo chain finished with an antique style swivel pocket watch clas. 
• Made in the early mid to late 1800s


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