1960's 14k Sleeping Beauty Turquoise & Diamond Ring | Sz 5


An elegant yet mod Turquoise ring set in 14k yellow gold. Accented with vintage diamonds - an ethical option for those who prefer a natural diamond over lab created - This 60's piece can be dressed up or down, making it perfect for all occasions! The Sleeping beauty gemstone got its name from the mountain it was mined, which resembles a slumbering woman - we like to imagine her as Te Fiti. 

  • Circa 1960's
  • Size 5
  • 14k yellow gold
  • Sleeping Beauty Turquoise & Diamond
  • Most rings can be resized at an additional cost
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is noted for its solid, light, sky blue color with no matrix. After the closing of the Arizona Turquoise Mine, Sleeping Beauty stones jumped in value making them similar to their high grade counterparts from Nevada. It’s pure color and natural strength make this stone a favorite for jewelry makers and artists around the world. It is one of the most prized forms of turquoise for jewelry and adornment and is often stable enough to be polished for turquoise jewelry without additional treatment.

Vintage and Restoration diamonds are an ethical option for those who prefer a natural diamond over lab created. There is virtually no physical difference between diamonds grown in nature and those grown in a lab, just the time and place that they were created!

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